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My Father’s story

Written by Tiffany H

Often I find when you think about dad, things like old tires, shaving cream, bacon and eggs (my father-in-law), football and boxing pop into your mind. Or at least mine.

So since it’s the much acclaimed Father’s Day, I’d like to say a few words about the dad’s in my life.

My dad was a POW in World War II. We didn’t hear a lot about that time, but he remembered his capture and liberation dates like they were yesterday, and could show you on a map where all they took him. He loved to tell the story of how, during his captivity, he found an onion. It was his most prized possession and he ate it as if it were the most expensive steak dinner you could buy. Getting home, he thought it was the most hilarious thing finding out that an onion has no nutritional value. He was a funny, short man who had a crooked grin that went from ear to ear when he was happy enough to smile. I remember our times sitting in the old Astro van late at night waiting for my older sister to get out of work. We would talk and I remember the emotional time when God gave me the opportunity to share Jesus with him. My dad faced a lot of things in his life, and even tho he’s not a part of mine anymore, I still love and miss him.

My father-in-law. What can I say about him? He antagonizes people (or tries to). He finds your weakness and will exploit it to the greatest degree, until you can’t help but laugh your head off about it too. He’s the kind you have to be lightning-quick witted to keep up with. It took me at least several months of living with him to get past blushing and being dumbfounded when he’d laugh at something about me, to biting him right back. He thinks it’s hilarious. And he loves, deeply. Over the last 4 years of knowing him, I’ve gotten to witness his soft side. And it’s getting bigger. He, like pretty much every other male I’ve met, has a super tough exterior and can bite your head off if you’re doing the wrong thing, but inside there’s that sweetness of a truly caring, feeling person. (My husband and him like to laugh about how they don’t have feelings, they each have A feeling. One. Singular. Sometimes that is very true.) He loves John Deere tractors, rebuilds them on the side and can fix pretty much anything that will run. Whenever there’s something my hubby is stumped about, my first question is always, “Can you ask Dad?”. He is forever getting his hands dirty, and works and works and works. He loves to give to people and is always willing to help with anything – put drywall up, tear it down, work on a car, fix a snow-blower, whatever. With all his faults, he has been the best father-figure I could ask for and am forever grateful that I’ve been blessed with amazing in-laws.

The Father who truly stole my heart, however, has been the Father who has never forsaken me, never let me down, never done the wrong thing. The Psalms say that He is father to the fatherless, and the shield of our Salvation. I can testify to that with all my heart. He promised that those who receive Him have the right to become His children (John 1:12). My Father has disciplined me, loved me, picked me up and took me to safety, and most of all provided a way for me to be with Him forever. There’s nothing that He can’t handle. His power and His strength are immeasurable. He is the great Healer. I can talk to Him about anything, knowing that He knows full well how I’m feeling, and that He cares. He delights in me (Zephaniah 3:17, Psalm 149:4, 147:11). And most of all, He works everything, including hard-times, for my good because I love Him (Romans 8:28).

So today when you are thinking of and thanking your dad or daddy or papa, whatever you may call him (no first names!), remember to thank your eternal Father for His goodness. Remember to praise Him for all that He’s done and worked together in your life. Remember that even tho He does not need our worship, He loves when His children come into His presence and want to spend time with Him. 🙂 I love having a Father who is always there, and even tho He may not fix something right away, knowing that He CAN is amazing. My Dad can do ANYTHING. 😉

Can you say that about your dad? I hope so! If not, I’d love to share with you how you can be adopted too. 🙂

What is one of your favorite memories of a Dad-figure in your life?

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Tiffany H

Hi! I'm Tiffany, mama to the handsomest little boy and sweetest little girl, and wife to the best man ever. I love my Savior, being a housewife, mama and personal 'bakist' to the hubby, living naturally, and making real food taste yummy. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my crazy, happy life. Join me on the journey, let's get to know each other!

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  • Favorite memories: I could talk to my dad about most anything and he would really listen. I loved to go fishing with him and I would give anything to hear one of his (corny) jokes that we ended up numbering because we heard them so often. ( He had a great sense of humor. ) After almost 13 years, his death still hurts at times like it was yesterday. I saw him mature over the years into a God-fearing, loving man who loved His Lord and never missed a chance to share the gospel with people because he actually cared about them. And he loved ice cream!!! They say you picture God like you do your dad. It is true for me.

    • Your dad sounds amazing Kathy! What a wonderful blessing you had in having a father like that. I’m so glad you have the beautiful memories of him, but I can imagine the sense of loss and sadness too! 🙁 It’s so exciting to know that, since he was a believer, I will get to meet him and you will get to see him again someday! God is so good to us with giving us that knowledge. Thank you SO much for sharing your memories here with us! Love you in Christ! 🙂