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Vote for me at the Top Mommy Blogs Directory of popular mom bloggersI am so glad you stopped by! This little space was created by a wife and mom as an outlet for nutrition, homemaking, family and health information. After exhausting the medical field for healing and answers, muscle testing, real food supplements and nutrition changed my life. I love everything to do with being a mom, wife, homemaker, and 'family doctor' to my loves. :) My target audience is young wives and moms who want to radically change their families health, but really anyone with a passion for family, food and fun is welcome!

Recent Ramblings

A Heartfelt Look At My Worn Out Postpartum Body

How do you feel about your postpartum body? Quite possibly a lot like I feel about mine. It’s overweight. And stretched out, lumpy, sore, scarred, stretch marked, emotional and hormone ravaged. And hungry. If you’re breastfeeding...

Week 3 & 4 of MuTu: A Few Failures, Latest Results

So you might have noticed it’s been a little bit since my last MuTu update. I chalk that up to life. Motherhood, actually. Well, the motherhood part of my life, which, right now, IS my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have pushed through though, and exercised during...