Wholesome Housewife Policies

I know this is usually a BORING page.

Like I’d rather pit a bushel of frozen cherries with my fingers than read a disclosure policy. 😛 But, alas, it’s important, and it’s legal, so here we go. 😉

Disclosure Policy:
I write because I love to. When my husband and I put together this website back in 2013, our intention was for me to have an outlet to write and reach other wives (and since our sweet little guy came in 2015, moms). It is our dream to have this be a source of income for our growing family, but we would never promote a brand, book, ebook or product if we don’t have a great experience with or view of it ourselves. My integrity, and the integrity of my blog, is worth a lot more to me than making a couple bucks from unreliable, untrustworthy advice. When I write sponsored posts, I will disclose that at the beginning of the post, but I promise that every word is my own and I will only encourage you to check out something that I really adore.

Privacy Policy:
I will never share your email, personal or contact information with 3rd parties and we do not store info regarding your visit to the blog other than to analyze your experience and create better, more focused content.

Comment Policy:
This website is a safe place for wives and mamas (and husbands/daddies/singles/girls/guys even! A.K.A. anyone 😉 ) to come and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired to face life, their families, health and difficulties that may come. We reserve the right to approve comments, as allowing hostile, belittling, demeaning, or nasty responses to a post or other readers would hurt that said environment. It’s OK to disagree, but do it with grace and care, and we’ll all be the better for it. 😉

That being said, that wasn’t too painful, was it? 😉 I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here and come back to visit often!