How to Work with Me

I would love to work with you/your company once we both have the chance to decide if we would be a good fit. I am open to ideas and opportunities – so feel free to reach out!

You can contact me at:

tiffany at

or on either of my social media profiles (Facebook or Instagram)

If this is in regards to my baking business: please remember, I can only sell to the public and/or restaurants that are in the state of New York.

If this is in regards to blogging: please note, as I have first and foremost a responsibility to my readers to be honest and open, I give completely truthful reviews. If I love the product, I will say so. If the quality is lacking, I will also say so. So make sure you really believe in your product before asking me to review it. 😉 I strive to be someone that anyone can trust.

If none of that scares you off, I would love to hear about how we could mutually work together!