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Being married to a man

Written by Tiffany H

Speaking as a woman, sometimes it’s hard being married to a man.

Like wring his neck hard.

Who am I kidding? It’s the best thing that could ever happen in life!!!!

Well… actually it’s a little of both – annoying little things that feel like mountains of differences between the two of you that will never in a trillion years be brought together and the best of absolutely everything (big and small) in life that makes your heart soar with wings like eagles.

What an emotional roller-coaster ride, huh?

Sometimes I think that God made men with smaller tear ducts (or just nonexistent) and only one ‘feeling’ (per my husband and his dad – men don’t have feelingS) because of His promise to never flood the earth again. Just think about it, if men cried as much as the majority of us women do, we’d all better be busy building big boats. 😉 (Tongue twister! Muhaha.)

Seriously tho, in my own experience, the vastness in the differences between my man and I is incredible. I like order. I want things clean, and spotless, and in their proper place. I like to have a plan. I like to know what’s going on. I can’t sit down if there’s something waiting to be done. I hate fur being stuck to anything so I wear slippers around the house to protect my socks and spend my life vacuuming. I make lists to make sure I don’t forget one little thing I have planned to do. I get frustrated if I don’t accomplish everything on said list.

My husband, on the other hand… he flies by the seat of his pants. If he gets focused on a project, look out. There will be dust, paint and dirt covering everything. Immediately. No covers, no moving things out of the way. He can drop everything and change plans right in the middle of something. He wears his expensive boot socks around the house, so they masquerade as fur coat wanna-bes, even after washing and drying. He can decide he’s frustrated and had enough of pulling lath and plaster down, go shower and fall asleep on the couch with a movie on.

We are sooooo different.

Christmas Love2

Being married is crazy. It’s all kinds of crazy. It’s all kinds of frustrating. And mostly, it’s all kinds of amazing.

I can vent to this man about anything. I can tell him my fears and hurts and wants and dreams. I can hurt him more than anyone else in the world. And vice versa. As wonderful as they are, no girlfriend, mother, confidant or mentor can take the place of the man who vowed to love you forever. I know it’s hard. He knows it’s hard. God knows it’s hard. But it’s worth it. So, so worth it.

Friend, don’t give up on your marriage. God gave it to you for a reason. There was something about that man that stole your heart in the first place. Don’t let Satan steal your heart back and harden it. You will miss out on blessings and laughter and joy you can’t even imagine. There’s something to be said for hard work paying off, and if you put that hard work into your end of this commitment, it can be so good.

Wives, remember, men are difficult. But so are women. God gave us each other because He knew we complimented each other in the best of ways. 🙂 Enjoy your fearless, messy, spontaneous (or all the adjectives that describe yours) husband!

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Tiffany H

Hi! I'm Tiffany, mama to the handsomest little boy and sweetest little girl, and wife to the best man ever. I love my Savior, being a housewife, mama and personal 'bakist' to the hubby, living naturally, and making real food taste yummy. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my crazy, happy life. Join me on the journey, let's get to know each other!

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