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Cowboy Boots and Such

Written by Tiffany H

If you are someone who knows even a little about my husband, you know he loves his cowboy boots. They are his go-to shoes and he wears them daily. DAILY. He even wears black cowboy boots (my wedding present to him!) to his dress-up job because he’d rather wear them than dress shoes. Obsessed, I say, he is with his boots.

When we went to Nashville on our first anniversary trip, my handsome man made sure to get me a pair, certain I would fall head over heels (pun intended) in love with them too. By that time his boots that he had since waaaaay before we were dating were, shall we say, well worn. The soles and heels were gone. So we got him a pair too. 🙂


Pretty cool huh?! They match! They both have the flat toe which we love (and considering we both have big feet, they’re the most flattering 😉 )

I do like my boots, and it’s something special when we wear them at the same time. I love matching my hubby. (But, as I’m sure you can tell, he wears his more than I do. Like, by a lot. 😛 )

So we thought long and hard about it, went over and over the budget, and finally decided we should buy one more pair. And share them. Equally. They’re going to mean a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it. For sure.

 Boots and baby

What do you think? Perfect, right? 🙂

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