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Top Mommy BlogsI am so glad you stopped by! This little space was created by a wife and mom as an outlet for nutrition, homemaking, family and health information. After exhausting the medical field for healing and answers, muscle testing, real food supplements and nutrition changed my life. I love everything to do with being a mom, wife, homemaker, and 'family doctor' to my loves. :) My target audience is young wives and moms who want to radically change their families health, but really anyone with a passion for family, food and fun is welcome!

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When You Have the “Perfect Little Family”

This pregnancy has been weird. 27 weeks flew by and we’re down to the wire with huge house renovations again, causing massive amounts of deja vu. (This happened last time, only with a different house!) I’ve struggled through a lot of it...

When the Sex of Baby Hurts Your Heart a Little

This is a taboo topic. Everyone just wants a “healthy baby”. Right? Sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes the gender of your baby can affect you in ways you didn’t even know it would. Shortly after my 30th birthday we...

Crockpot Cherry Pie Oatmeal (Real Food)

So my hubby has been having a rough time at work with getting servers to work right, programs to allow people to do what they’re supposed to be allowed to do and other crazy, confusing, brilliant IT things that I as a layperson can’t...

Clef two-factor authentication