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Prayer for hubby – Spiritual Growth

Written by Tiffany H

Have you ever been in a moment when your husband looks at you with realization and defeat, and says – “I haven’t been a good spiritual leader”? It’s a tough moment, isn’t it? Partly because it’s hard to see your husband feel inadequate and partly (or mostly) because you know in your heart that your resistance, complaining, nonsupport, or cynicism contributed (largely) to it.

We wives need to realize the power we have over our husbands.

Yeah, they may seem all hard-shell and tough on the outside, but inside, past a lot of what we normally see, he is dependent on and desperately needing the nurturing we as women are designed to provide through building him up, respecting, loving, having fun with him. (That last part is good for every part of the marriage!)

So this next week lets focus on our husbands. It’s so easy to think of ourselves and what he’s ‘not’ doing and how he is making us feel about something. (Guilty, guilty, guilty! Ugh.) God says to esteem others before ourselves.

Philippians 2:3
Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit,
but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

Who better to practice on than your other (better) half?? I know, some of us feel let down and lonely, distant from our men. Some of us feel angry and hurt because he is so uncaring and insensitive. Some of us feel abused and used, and some might truly be! But in most cases our offenses could be smoothed over with love, and both parties the better for it.

1 Peter 4:8
And above all things have fervent love for one another,
for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”

So my prayer for you and me is that by devoting this week to praying fervently for our husbands, that God opens our eyes to their worth, to what they bring to our families, to what they have to go through and battle each day. I know when I sit back and take a look at my husband’s life and role, I am amazed. He keeps the cars running, often at great measures and for many hours of backbreaking labor on hard cement floors. He saves us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars by willingly going through that for us. He goes to work, gone from our home 50+ hours a week to provide our lovely old house, and everything we have. He works hard at work to make himself a good reputation, to be a good witness for our Savior and to have some security of being able to provide for his wife and family for as long as God wills. There are so many things! I bet if you sit back and take a look at your husband’s life, you could find at least as many things to be amazed over about yours! I want us to focus on the good. Let’s do this together and build up our marriages!

Father, you know my husband. You know his strengths and his weaknesses, You gave them to him! You know how important it is to You and me that he loves You. So today I pray that You draw him close. Show him where he needs to grow, how to be strong in You and how much You love him. Show him that everything that happens is You working it all for his good and Your glory. Maybe bring up a verse in the back of his mind to remember and think over! Watch over him and give him the peace that surpasses all understanding you promised in Philippians 4. And Lord! Help me to be a good wife to him! Thank you so much for my husband. In Jesus’ wonderful name, Amen.

Share with me one amazing thing about your husband!

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