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Grain-Free 2 Week Conclusion

So. We have officially ended our grain-free two weeks. Well, yesterday we officially ended it.

We had pizza.

Homemade, white spelt, raw milk mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom pizza. MmmmMmmm…

I wish I had had time to take a picture to put on here, but you guys would just be jealous anyways.

The conclusion: Grain-free is manageable and tasty – if prepared for enough ahead of time. Having egg and banana allergies made it tougher than it could have been, but I’m hoping that is getting better too. I had one egg over hard with leftover stuffed pepper stuffing the other night, and no stomach pain! There is hope! 🙂 Even tho we tried to prepare, there were still times when the sugar was dropping, shakes were coming on and not a thing in the house was found easy to prepare or ready to eat. Thankfully those were the exception, not the rule or we wouldn’t have made it two weeks. 😉

Eating less grain is a positive thing, and forces – er, encourages you to eat more of the things you often avoid – like vegetables. Before starting I read a lot of places of how miserable people were when doing grain-free, due to ‘digestive’ issues. I’ll have you know, if you focus more on veggies than meat for every meal, there won’t be an issue. If you go the Atkins diet route (at least the old version of it) plan to be a frequent flyer to the laxative aisle in your local drugstore. And how healthy is that?! Not. Yuck. Eat your veggies. 😉

I have an idea that we will try this again soon. For now, however, we greatly enjoyed the cheesy, bready pizza. My hubby is enjoying it again for lunch today. And I enjoyed a small cold piece for lunch with butter head lettuce and salt. I know, I’m weird. It was good tho! 😀

Have you tried grain-free? If so, what is your conclusion of it?

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