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Scripture for Labor

*I wrote this post the day before our little guy was born. That night we made an awesome new recipe, pizza cake, for supper and then went on a super long walk around town. Everyone, including my midwife, believes it was the pizza cake that induced...

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Babymoon #1

This whole pregnancy has been a whirlwind of busy, crazy and more crazy busy. Finish the baby’s room, which was nothing but cruddy floor and studs. Check. Keep up with work through 24/7 nausea, losing 10 pounds in the first trimester, extreme...

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Dear Little One

You’re so small now, but I hear you. Your little (big) kicks and flutters tell me you’re here, and you’re ok. I try to get your daddy to feel, but he hasn’t quite caught you yet. This is all so new, for all of us. You being...