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Canva or FotoJet – A Little Photo Editing Perspective For Bloggers

Written by Tiffany H

Blogging is a process.

It’s actually a process to even talk about this process, and I’ve had a long enough day in the process of being Mama to two under two, so – I’m not getting into THAT right now. 😛

However I did want to talk about a couple tools I absolutely adore and use not only for the cool features that are super helpful for my blog, but also as a creative outlet that I so look forward to playing with using every day. 😉

I’m talking about photo editing software, people. Some of the funnest ‘computer stuff’ on the planet, if you ask my technologically disadvantaged self. (Hey, when you marry an IT guy, you leave those things up to him.) 😉

I’ve looked at Canva, PicMonkey and FotoJet. Each program is easy to use. Each has similar, yet totally different features. Canva and FotoJet are on equal footing with me, and even though PicMonkey is more affordable than Canva, I found it more confusing and complicated to work with. So I want to do a quick run down of my top two favorite.


I had heard this was good from a lot of other bloggers. I first checked it out about a year ago, and believe it or not, I was even worse off technologically than now.


Looked confusing to me. Yes, I know, remember I said ‘believe it or not’.

So I ignored it for a while. Recently, however, I’ve been awakened to the importance of Pinterest for bloggers. BUT, Pinterest mainly works for bloggers when you have something nice to look at. Because really, think about it, how often do you click stupid looking pictures when you search for something? 😉 So, I started playing with the features. And then I realized something.

I absolutely LOVE Canva.

Like, love it. It’s so easy and their feature that AUTOMATICALLY saves your design in ‘Your Designs’ is the bomb (do they even say that anymore?). The free version is still full of options and even the ‘for subscribers’ formats I’ve tried work with your own photo.

They also have a nifty option to share your work with up to 10 team members. The team members then can also do editing work on your project! This is a great feature for when you want to show hubby your work to get insight and a thumbs up for it. 😉

Once I finally gave it a good couple hours to get acquainted with the options, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where the option to do it was. Even though the main page is ‘busy’, getting used to it is pretty easy and it’s mostly uncomplicated to learn.

Overall, I highly recommend Canva, at least for the free version.


Not but days after I started learning about Pinterest, FotoJet contacted me with a request to review their subscription in exchange for a subscription. How crazy is that? I was excited to actually HAVE to dig into a program and learn it.

So, first off, the positives: FotoJet is easy. It’s simpler to look at than Canva and one of the easiest computer programs I’ve ever worked with. To the point. Oh you want to design a Facebook graphic? Click, you’re there. Blog graphic? Same. They have options for all the major social media platforms and more, yet when you look at their main page, it’s not cluttered or busy.


Below is a look into the Pinterest Graphic option. Click the images for a comprehensive, yet quick walk-through of it.

So far I’ve designed a LOT of Pinterest images on FotoJet. I’m a little obsessed with it. It’s FUN. Doesn’t feel like work, and it doesn’t feel like it’s cool stuff in another language like some other programs. (I.e. the Capture NX-D program Hubby uses to edit raw picture files. THAT is another language pretending to be English.) 😉

FotoJet recently (as in the last few days, which totally backed up this review) did a whole revamp of their program, including a bunch of updates, a brighter background, and an option to ‘save project’ so you can come back, upload the image again and continue to edit.

The negatives: Something that really sets these two programs apart is the auto saving that Canva does to any designs you even begin. You can go back in and edit anything you’ve ever designed. That’s a feature I adore, and miss with the FotoJet program. *HOWEVER* The ‘save project’ (see two pictures directly above) option is definitely an improvement. It is an added step that you don’t have with Canva, but still a huge step up from only being able to save the image before. There also seems to be a few more options like fonts, pictures, etc. on Canva than FotoJet.

In Summary

Here’s how the two compare financially:

Canva – $12.95/mo
FotoJet – $2.91/mo if paid annually ($34.99/yr), $4.99/mo paid monthly

To me, that’s a huge difference in cost in exchange for a small difference in software. At least with as much as I’ve gotten to use either, I would say that FotoJet is a very comparable option and certainly worth the $3-5 a month for any level blogger. (The free version for Canva is also great, but limited in certain areas.)

Some big news:

FotoJet has partnered with us to give one of my readers a free 1 year subscription to their program!

Here are the rules to enter the giveaway:

Post a comment below of what you’d like to use the program for and make sure you sign up for the newsletter (that Hubby calls the ‘handy-dandy emails’) and confirm through the second email. (Don’t worry, at most, we send out one email per week.) 🙂

Share this post on your FB page, Instagram or Pinterest. (Please make sure it is set to public, as we will check before a winner is chosen!) 🙂

And then wait and watch! We will draw a winner on July 4th, 2017, and I’ll announce the winner in the weekly newsletter, on Wholesome Housewife’s social media platforms and of course, the winner will be contacted by email with the exciting news (and how to proceed). 😉

Good luck, and may the best man/woman/probably blogger win! 😉

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  • I have not been a big fan of Canva or PicMonkey. Once I tried FotoJet I’m in lOVE with it. So much easier to get the picture the right way The font options are amazing, let alone the ability to pick a color for the font. Thanks a lot Tiffany for sharing it.

    • PicMonkey is definitely my least fav, though they do apparently have one thing on the rest – you can design longer pins. But yes, FotoJet is great! 🙂 I’m so glad you like it. And you’re very welcome! Please make sure you’ve shared the post on social media and you’re entered for the year! 🙂

  • I love Canva but I really enjoyed the trial of fotojet. It’s so easy to use! I would use it for Pinterest images mainly, creating PDF’s for my newsletter list and maybe even products if I can add clickable links 🙂

    • I feel the same way! Canva is great for being able to go back and see all your previous designs, but there’s something unique and easy about FotoJet that keeps me going back! 🙂 That all sounds great, Claire! Did you remember to share it on social media?