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Since August 2012, when we started radically changing our diets, one of the things my hubby had complained about missing (often as we’d walk past I’d drag him past the aisle of it in the grocery store) is hamburger helper. It was a super easy meal, it stored well, lasting a long time on the shelf (my parents kept stockpiles of it for years), the seasonings (additives, gmo wheat, sugar, fake cheese) made it practically impossible to stop eating once you started, and it smelled delicious for the few minutes it cooked on the stove. Poor Ryan missed it a lot. I, however, having grown up on it and the like, was able to complacently wave ‘Sayonara’. I could say, even willingly.

It didn’t take long for us to decide if we’re giving up all these things we used to believe were “food”, we were going to find adequate replacements. We developed and perfected things like homemade spelt bread and rolls, eggplant lasagna, pizza, pancakes, waffles, graham and even Ritz crackers. It was an awesome feeling finding real food that was just as delicious as we had before. The thing was, we were still making everything from scratch. So the convenience factor? Well, there wasn’t much of one.

Ryan finally reached the point where he could do without his helpful hamburger mix no longer. No, we didn’t give in and defeatedly drive to the grocery store to troll the aisles for that happy-looking box of tasteful poison. Instead, my hubby did what he does best when he wants to figure something out – he tore into the internet and old cookbooks and new cookbooks and recipe software, and came up with a concoction uniquely his own, and surprisingly, very similar to that aforementioned pasta mix.

I was shocked. Did he go to the store behind my back?!? (I was sick and being pampered with supper the first time he made this). How was it done so quick? Is this going to taste good? He knows how I don’t crave that stuff…

But it was delicious. I forced him to write down his recipe before he forgot it like other winners in the past he’s created that we’ve never been able to repeat. This one we weren’t going to lose.

Fast forward to 2014. After praying hard about how I could help my hubby financially, yet still focus on being his housewife, that meal came to mind. What started as a small idea in the mind of a housewife has become the ride of a lifetime for these two young lovers. 🙂 Everything fell into place. We found bags that would fit the pasta and also the spices, hubby perfected his recipe, then used his amazing talents in creating to design 100% of our labels, he knew people at a reputable printing company who got us labels in record time, my mom-in-law loaned us her sealer, after our supply of pasta fell through (divine intervention) I contacted our favorite pasta company and got a good price on the organic white spelt rotini we adore, and our high-quality spice supply is located right in Buffalo. Product figured out – check. I contacted local health food stores and specialty shops. There was interest. I was inspired. Garner interest – check. Be inspired – check. 😉 Our first flavor, Goulash, got to meet the owners/buyers first. They wanted more flavors. So Ryan went to work in the kitchen again. We picked two to develop – Lasagna and Cheeseburger. Several test runs later we had both, along with approval from friends & family. 3 flavors we could be proud of – check.

Goulash Label

Then came time to package our mixes. We had to put together 105 in two nights. Mom and Dad wanted to help, so we (ecstatically) accepted and got to work. Trail and error, and we figured out a semi-efficient system.

Me, mixing ;-)

Me, mixing. 😉 Excuse the drywall in the background. That’s a different project.

I mixed up a huge bowl of spices and measured it into the little bags, passed to mom-in-law who sealed it, passed to dad-in-law who cut off the excess bag who then passed to hubby who put it in the bottom of the pasta bag and measured pasta on top of it.

Yummy spicesDSC_0504DSC_0512

Then Mom put inserts in the back of the bag, Hubby sealed it, and Dad and I labeled them. We were all so excited! Well, except for Dad, who was (as always) providing the comic relief. We laughed so hard that night. 🙂 What memories!

Hubby sealingSealing awayDSC_0511DSC_0515Filling the boxesDSC_0517

Saturday June 21, 2014 was our day of first deliveries! It was exciting. We believe in our product because we know whats in it. We don’t use anything artificial. The pasta is organic spelt which is an ancient grain, unadulterated by chemical companies like modern wheat is, the spices are certified high-quality, the maple sugar is organic. We are excited to offer something that the health food industry hasn’t yet – quick, real food, dinner options that can be on the table from start to finish in 30 minutes or less (depends on how motivated you are 😉 ). We’re excited to be able to help others who are on the journey to health just like we are!

So if you’re in the area and want something quick for supper, grab a pound of grass-fed ground beef and one of our mixes, and be sure to let me know what you think! 😉

Here are the stores it is at currently:

Miller’s Bulk Food and Bakery
On Rt. 104

10858 Ridge Rd
Medina, NY14103

Lexington Co-operative Market
in beautiful Elmwood Village

807 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

Thanks for looking! I wish you the best of health as you focus on treating your body the way God intended!

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  • Definitely going to stop in to the Co-Op and give these a look. How much are they selling for? I love the idea of replacing Hamburger Helper with something healthy, and LOCAL!

    • Hi Philip! The Co-op is selling them for $4.99 I believe. If you get a chance to try them, let us know what you think! Thanks so much for buying local too! We try to get as much stuff locally raised/grown as possible. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great night!

    • Hi Barbara! We would love to be able to sell them direct, but there are more regulations to go along with that. We are in the process of looking into it tho! Right now we are NY State regulated so our mixes are only able to be purchased through the Lexington Co-op or Millers currently, but as I said, we’re looking into it! I’ll let you know once we find out. 🙂 Thanks for the interest and I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂