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Where fore art thou, you stupid keys?

Spending a whole vacation day searching for lost keys sucks. Spending that whole day to no avail (we didn’t find them) sucks worse. Maybe worst. Add an Alabama sized (hugely ginourmous to those who aren’t personally experienced) unidentifiable bug in the bedroom a foot away from where I was sleeping (we caught it in a short square ziplock container, which it filled), ants all over and in the aforementioned keyless car, a sweet niece fussy, gassy and unhappy, hubby’s work calling him almost-literally every. 10. minutes. all day long and a touch of homesickness. Sounds just charming doesn’t it?

Yeah I was frustrated. It’s quiet in the house now, hubby’s sleeping on our air mattress and I’m laying on the floor, listening to old music I found on my laptop. So it’s slowly relaxing. Going through my collection, each song seems to hold a memory of something in the past. Some remind me of being younger when schoolwork was the only thing in the picture, some were of happy times when I danced around the dining and living room with my siblings and we laughed so hard at our silliness, others of times everything in me cried, others still of how God used music to comfort me when nothing and no one else could or would. There are songs that take me back to such dark times listening to them that I physically can’t. They bring back what is better left in the past and old feelings that are better left un-felt. The farther you get from a situation I find it fades, as the saying “time heals all wounds” has some truth to it, but I have yet to reach the point where I can say it is totally gone. After everything I knew was taken from me, my life song became the beautiful “Heal the Wound” with the truthful and hard “but leave the scar” following (Point of Grace). Praise God He doesn’t rest our Salvation upon our feelings or situations.

On a lighter note, I went on my first boat ride today! My brother-in-law (Michael) has a small boat and we went out on the Chattahoochee River. Something I never imagined myself doing. Ever. It was a place you only heard about in old Alan Jackson songs. If I had a bucket list, it wouldn’t have been on it. Anywhere. Haha. It was an experience alright. It was great to have my sis-in-law-in-law (wife of my bro-in-law, ha) there and sharing that she was nervous too! It was her first time out with the baby and it was my first time ever, so what a comfort! Thanks Monika for getting me through. 😉

Everything went great until docking time. We (by the word on the street) were too cheap to use a real dock so the shore was it. We were coming in too quickly & Michael reached for tree branches to help slow us when these black hornets from the nest no one saw attacked him. Have I mentioned how badly I loathe stinging insects? Obviously, being in a boat makes it very hard to get away quickly. The game plan became protect the baby. We threw a blanket over her and I held her close as we slowly got away from the nest. Michael got 3 stings on his L wrist/forearm area, but praise God we all were spared of something that could’ve been much worse. After about an hour or so and several applications of benadryl, the redness and swelling was starting to go down. I should have taken a picture. From the tips of his fingers up past his elbow looked like one of those giant inflatable muscle arms you win at a county fair and then bop the daylights out of people with. He’s such a trooper.

Ok, well off to bed. 3 more days till we head 17+ hours home. It’s bitter-sweet.

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