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Oh the heat…

So we’re in WNY, in between two lakes (Erie and Ontario) and this entire week is forecasted to be near or at 90. My in-laws are in Alabama visiting my bro-in-law, his wife and brand new baby girl and guess how hot it was there? 75. Yes, 75. Degrees. Fahrenheit! You know, growing up we learned in school that the closer you are to the equator, the hotter it is. Remember that? NY – north, approx. 2400 miles from equator, Alabama – deep south, approx. A LOT closer. It’s not fair.

That stated, we’ve had every air conditioner we could get our hands on running. My hubby and I have a silent war going on with the temperature dial. I set it at 72, at the lowest 70, which thinking about it that’s about 20 degrees lower than the temp outside! So be happy with it right? Nooooooo. Ryan wants it at 66. Sixty Six!!!!! That’s like fall weather! In our bedroom!! The war wages on.

Surprisingly I’ve worked in the kitchen through this! Normally this is the time for cold dinners. You know like salads, raw chicken, something like that. Just kidding. Seriously, don’t do the chicken thing. I speak from (horrible, terrible) experience. Maybe I’ll tell that story sometime.

Through my kitchen adventures in this desert like heat I discovered that almond flour is pretty legit! So far I’ve made cookies, cinnamon roll muffins and…. I can’t remember what else. Haha, I’m sitting here drawing a total blank. Think mind = blankness. Maybe heat messes up memory banks as well. Oh well. This subject is a brand new one for me, so I will definitely be back on it. Stay tuned for recipes and further dialog. 😉

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