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Oh the heat x 2

I figured with this kind of heat, I deserved to use this title twice. It’s like 95 here. 187% humidity. Praise God for a/c. Those people who lived here before it, they were more than tough I tell you.

Ok, so after a crazy 2 day, 17+ hour drive, we’re in Alabama! I love spending time with my brother-in-law, his wifey and their brand new baby girl. So far probably half my time here has been snuggling with or feeding her. What a doll! My arm though…. Oh my arm. I had her all to myself tonight as everyone else was working on supper, so I took total advantage of it. She laid in my arms sleeping for so long. Got up to make my presence known in the kitchen and probably held her for 20 minutes longer then. Well, handing her to my hubby to take over is when I first felt the pain. I had a flashback of a patient back in Ohio who snapped the tendon that held her bicep to her elbow. *shudders* Even though it wasn’t that bad, it became ridiculously clear to me that holding your arm tense for that long, even if it is only to hold 8 pounds and 1 ounce of cuteness, is a bad thing. I’m lucky to be typing right now. Very lucky. My finger’s are going numb….

I think I’d better retire before my typing becomes illegible. Or my bicep snaps. *shudders* Or something else bad.

Now to go find her and cuddle some more. 🙂

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