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I hate messes

And dirt.

Dirty messes are the worst.

Have I mentioned my house has been in a perpetual, revolving state of dirty messes? We bought a two-family home built in 1922 last August and, even though it was move-in ready, my hubby and I had many (many, many) project ideas that would make our house our home. I quickly realized you can not keep up with lath & plaster dust. It’s physically impossible. That fact has gone and left me in a constant state of on-the-verge emotional/mental distress. Dust!!!! Everywhere!!!! It doesn’t vacuum, it doesn’t broom, it just exists. Everywhere. Everything is out of place trying to hide from that ever penetrating particle, but I find I might as well have left it all where it originated.

Cody, sacked out

Cody sacked out amongst the mess

First we tore down a wall between a small bedroom and our tiny bathroom (that, back when, someone had stuffed a huge claw-foot tub in!) to expand the bathroom some and make a laundry room out of the bedroom. Considering we live in the upstairs apartment, running to the basement for every load of laundry got old. FAST. Add to that a small apartment washer/dryer combo that decided it didn’t like to spin out the clothes. Two flights down, start laundry, two flights up, work on something for a bit, two flights down, reset washer to spin, two flights up, various chore for 10 minutes, two flights down, switch laundry to dryer, add more laundry to washer, two flights up, two flights down, reset washer to spin….. and on and on and on it went. So now I can wash and dry and fold clothes upstairs! In my house! 🙂 My hubby is amazing. I didn’t even complain that much. (Change subject!)

Now, without finishing the finishing work on those projects (those are winter jobs), we started the kitchen project! I’m super, super excited about this one! I have always wanted an open kitchen and a breakfast bar. Those are both in the plans, along with adding a little more counter top in the kitchen. Right now the wall between the kitchen and the dining (as you can see) is mostly down. Next (per Ryan) is the wiring and rebuilding. I’ll go into further detail on the project as it comes along. We have lots of work (mostly Ryan, but I will cheer him on the whole time!), lots of planning (and re-planning. Sheesh this thing has been redrawn like 30 times so far), but someday this will be a dream kitchen!

Hopefully by the end of summer this project will be finished. Not mostly finished. Totally finished. 😉 *Hint, hint to the hubby

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