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A Brick Graveyard

So….. remember how I said we have soooooooooo many projects ½ or ¾ finished? And it’s driving me crazy? Yeah well we added another. At least this time we have an excuse for it. Saving you from the long, anticipatory story, we ran into some trouble with the town building inspector with our/our tenant’s parking situation. We have a 2 family home and not enough parking. So we had to tear down our garage that is (was) in the back of our house. It was all brick. 21 feet long, 11 feet wide. Double layers of brick. On all sides. Ugh. My husband got his brother-in-law and dad to come help him and in two nights of heavy labor they had the building down and the roof tore off/cut up. We’re soooo thankful for all their help!

My sis-in-law, niece and mom-in-law came to keep me company and it was fun! First night, I made my famous (per hubby) pizza and tried a new paleo pizza crust that I think would’ve turned out good if I actually followed directions and baked it some before adding toppings. Think soggy pizza. Ehk.

While the guys worked hard, we took a girl trip to the store and bought a ShelterLogic shed (it was not a ‘real’ shopping trip – like for clothes or inside-the-house things). It was needed for various important things like the lawn mower, snow blower, etc. that suddenly found themselves without a roof overhead. It was on sale and they had knocked $50 more off just that day! That made the boring-store trip more exciting. 😉

The second night I tried totally new recipes that had me in the kitchen beforehand for almost 5 hours! I made pulled pork and coleslaw. I know, that doesn’t sound like all that much, but considering 1) I have never made either before and 2) I wanted to make my own BBQ sauce from scratch so that I knew what was in it, it took longer. Oh and since one of the ingredients in BBQ sauce is ketchup, I had to make that before everything else. It is literally impossible to find ketchup without corn syrup or sugar or some other ingredient with -ose on the end of it (sugar). Unless it’s sweetened with Splenda and that’s just another terrible story.

So it was ultimately a good time with good friends and family. From someone who grew up not knowing a single person who would take their time to help someone else, God has used this to open my eyes to the generosity of others. It is such a wonderful thing to be in a huge family of believers who, whether biologically related or not, truly care about each other! 🙂

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